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Raymmar Tirado is the founder of the Sarasota Underground.com. A project which aims to fundamentally rewrite the rules for how we distribute and monetize online content at scale while working to eliminate the impact of annoying advertising, decrease the reach of fake news, and empower independent publishers. Learn more about his mission and vision at raymmar.com.

I create because I have to. It's like there is something inside of me that wont let me sleep until I've spent some part of my day trying to get the thoughts and ideas from inside my head out into the real world in one way or another.

Welcome to We'reCreators.com

My name is Raymmar Tirado, and I built this website to showcase the talented creatives I interact with throughout the course of my work.

Feel free to suggest a creator for us to interview or click below to learn more about our various projects.

We're Creators